Trip Face

Native to Colorado, Rapper/ producer/ songwriter Trip Face is known to be nothing but fire inside the booth and on stage Primarily focusing on hip hop with an electronic twist, while bleeding a manic lifestyle into every song, any one of them is likely to have you anywhere from starting a mosh pit to lighting a blunt on a mountain top. Now signed to Grim Beard Productions, Trip Face continues to grow and evolve his art on a daily basis while continuing to give that original grit and conviction of a hungry artist at work

The Mad Samurai has been unleashed. Trippity Trip Face is in the house and he's here to freak you the fuck out. Come inside the mind of a crazy samurai warrior as he unleashes lyrical hell on anyone who comes against him. 

Coming from Colorado, his bars are psychedelic and make you want to stab a bitch with an umbrella and then open it.


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