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R.A.I.G.E (Real As It Gets Entertainment)

Rich Michael Baumeister, better known by his stage name: RAIGE

RAIGE (Real As It Gets Entertainment) Is taking both underground and commercial hip hop by storm! He’s also been referred to by many as one of the best in the business today! 

Born in Eureka, California and raised in Sacramento caused him to grow up quickly, He's been shot, stabbed, and run over 3 times and is still standing tall. But what makes this talented artist different from the others?

“‘I'm definitely an old soul”

“Being held at gunpoint by the crazy tweaker neighbor at 8 years old kinda changes ya.”

Since he could write, he has been writing and recording music, but at 16 he began to take it seriously. Performing at house parties and open mic nights  helped build his popularity and created a new buzz in underground hip hop. 

Raige signed to a local rap label, AA Productions when he was 18 and recorded his first album “Street Soldier” which received very positive reviews. However he left the label soon after, when he discovered his agent and producer were both stealing from him. Although he had offers from Arista and Nappy Head Records, he was under contract for  two more years. 

With no promotion, no way out of his contract and time itself against him, he went dark.

“There was a time in my life when I felt nothing but rage. My homies would intentionally try to get me into fights.”

 “They knew I was fearless and at the time I thought street cred was important.” 

Rich was also a hustler. He sold everything from watches to clothes to drugs. Whatever he had to do. Then In 2004 everything changed. 

“I was dead inside. I decided one day to join the Marines. And as I was walking in the door to finalize my paperwork. I got a call that I was going to be a father.”

Raige’s daughter Alyese was born in 2004. From that moment on his whole purpose in life was to be the best father he could be. In 2008, Raige moved to Colorado after he caught his child's mother being unfaithful.

“I saw her any chance I got, I called her every day and even took her brother back here with her. I was never out of my daughter's life. I wasn't built that way. A man who makes a child has an obligation to raise their kid to be better than them. Otherwise what's the point?” 

The snowy mountains and forests in Colorado were a huge change from the merciless concrete jungles of California, but the more things change the more they stay the same. Hip Hop ran through his veins and he began to write and compose more than he ever had.

In 2011, Raige met a DJ in Fort Collins named DJ Ross. He gave him his new Demo and then everything changed. He was put in touch with Underground producer and local legend, Troy Knottz and made his 2nd album “ Nothin to Lose” which really put him on the map in Colorado. By that time next year he had performed in over 60 shows, It was a very humbling experience for someone that was used to freestyling on the street with his boys. He has opened up for Artists such as Twista, Method Man, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Baby Bash, Three Six Mafia, Chingy, Lil Flip, Snow the Product and many more. He's also worked with many well known artists such as Dizzy, Rhonnie Kash, Strykez Devious and Liquid Assassin just to name a few. 

At the peak of his career, Raige took a step back from his music career to fight for full custody of his daughter. After a two year battle for his child, in 2015 Raige was given full custody of his daughter. Now that his battle was over, he was ready to step back in the spotlight.

In 2018, Raige dove head first right back in the rap game like he never left, signing with Grim Beard Productions. 

His newest and arguably most anticipated  album “The In Dwelling” is set to release in May 2018. RAIGE is a unique voice in the industry today, He has been through more than most but refuses to let it stop him. Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that Real As It Gets Entertainment lives up to his name.