What's up,

Im Gari-Dose but I also go by Garrett. I'm a Colorado native that finally has a dream. Music to me is purely expression and discovery so I cannot say for certain that I'll always be an EDM artist, a DJ or a producer, because time and time alone will make my true self apparent. So if you wanna know what's coming take a second to read a bit of my story and get to know me. 

I Discovered my Love for music about 4 years ago when i put myself out there and started going to shows. I used to be very socially awkward and the music scene helped me to become an individual that is driven by the connections and level of communication that music can accomplish. I want to bring people together because success to me is accomplished the moment I do something that brings a positive reaction to another individual. 

So how exactly will I do that?

I've been working with various artists, promoters and anyone that's willing to participate in achieving and collaborating. No successful man became successful 
alone. Through the effort I've already put in to make my dream a reality I've already accomplished success in my mind. I've already brought countless individuals together with others that have gained knowledge and positivity from one another, therefore achieving what I do music For. Now that seed has been planted and the tree has already started to grow so I can simply sit back and observe while making jams to enjoy the process of creation I started and follow were the journey flows.

Contact me if you would like to be apart of a vision far greater then myself.

We build our future so who wants to take a step into Tommorow.