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Ashanti Black was born in Chicago, Illinois, moving to Colorado Springs in 1993. His mother and father introduced him to the music scene, his Father Ashanti Black Sr, is very active in the church music scene and can play a myriad of instruments. 

Ashanti began rapping at age 18 doing projects with C Loko, Savage King, Syncere and Shilo Productions. He recently signed with Grim Beard Productions, and is about to finish his debut album. 

Ashanti feels music is an expression of self and can be used to unite people of all race, religion or ethnic background. His songs consist of how he feels inside at the time of writing, or what  may be going on in society. His style is upbeat, positive, focusing on what it means to be a young black male in today's world; while also keeping it hood and bringing back lyrics with meaning. 

Ashanti has a dream to hear his music played in all countries by all people of the world.

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